Wild Domestic

By Natania Rosenfeld

wild-domesticWild Domestic:such contraries, deftly held in balance, lie at the heart of Natania Rosenfeld’s debut collection in which poems are energized as much by the poet’s life-affirming, lush, appetitive drives as they are reined in by her sober-eyed vision of caged birds of prey and flayed rabbits; I am thinking in particular of the remarkable sequence inspired by Soutine: “The torso stretched / like pulled meat, / a skull, vacant bloody / mouth at the point / of the genitals.” Rosenfeld knows how to write to the tight, serrated measures of duress — war-ravaged Europe haunts her imagination — but in the end it is the robust, androgynous body and its runaway anima that gain the high ground: “In her teeth/now a rose, now a dagger, / she slashes her world.”
— Gabriel Levin

“Natania Rosenfeld’s poems are inquiries of the self that are inseparable from the strange meanderings of history. Whether she takes in the paintings of Soutine, the English countryside, an Assyrian relief, or zones of central Europe, her poems embody a resonant cosmopolitanism and a grace and wit that will compel any reader to follow her journey.”
— Peter Balakian

Wild Domestic by Natania Rosenfeld
Publisher: Sheep Meadow Press
Publication Date: April 7, 2015
64 pages. Price: $17.95
ISBN 978-1-937679-44-6
Available: UPNE, Amazon

Natania Rosenfeld grew up in Oberlin, Ohio and spent periods of time in Germany and Israel.  Her poems, essays, and fiction have appeared in many journals including The American Poetry ReviewRaritan, Southwest Review and The Fairy Tale Review.  She is the author of Outsiders Together: Virginia and Leonard Woolf (Princeton University Press, 2000), and lives in Chicago and Galesburg, Illinois where she is a Professor of English at Knox College.

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