Short stories by Michael Andreoni

In gritty, penetrating prose, the short stories in THE WINDOW IS A MIRROR deftly mine both working-class and privileged sensibility to extract common elements. Characters of varying social strata are subjected to merciless scrutiny as they pursue prizes of dubious value, heedless of cost. Whether or not they get what they want is the least of their problems. In the end their disparate futilities mix them into a single tribe that looks like us.


Publisher: BHC Press
Pub date: 3/05/2019
Hardcover: 978-1-948540-38-4 ($26.95)
Softcover:   978-1-947727-38-0 ($14.95)
Ebook:         978-1-948540-39-1 ($7.99)
About the author

For nearly ten years Michael Andreoni lived as an itinerant farm laborer throughout Michigan. At times residing in barns, he nevertheless dreamt of a larger destiny, and behold! He became a janitorial contractor. Twenty years later he began writing. No one knows why. Instructed to write what you know, he found that tricky indeed when you’re a janitorial contractor. Better, he thought, to write something up-market, with highly educated characters habitually sore from working out with their personal trainers. He is convinced he will someday accomplish such a story. Until then he writes the life he knows.

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