The Virginity of Famous Men

VoFMCoverStories by Christine Sneed

Only the wild imagination of Christine Sneed could have invented these funny, intimate, and exceptionally moving stories. Sneed is a fictional ventriloquist, able to slip into and fully inhabit any soul she chooses. No secret is safe. The Virginity of Famous Men overflows with what I call our life’s blood. Nothing I want more in stories.

— Peter Orner


I adored these stories and was bereft when I had finished them. It is rare to find a collection with so much insight, so much wisdom, that is also this beguiling, this compulsively readable. Sneed writes like a house afire, like she cannot wait to tell you what these people have done, like a friend who is bursting with stories to share—and the impact is unforgettable.

—Robin Black


With this brilliant new collection, Christine Sneed clinches her place among the greatest writers of her generation. These hilarious, heartbreaking perfect stories will charm you, seduce you, change the way you see the world, and change your life forever. To crack open this book is to place yourself in the hands of a master.

—Joanna Rakoff


The Virginity of Famous Men by Christine Sneed

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication date: September 2016

Price $26.00 Hardback

ISBN: 978-1-62040-695-3

Available: Bloomsbury

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  1. Vern Miller says:

    “wild imagination of Christine Sneed” or “writes like a house afire” — eyeeie, how
    much more do you want? missing these stories is like missing a chapter of life.
    Get with it — grab this book now.

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