Swarm to Glory

by Garnett Kilberg Cohen

swarm-to-gloryThe central motif and conflict that runs through Kilberg Cohen’s newest collection is that of endings. Some may be monumental endings, such as the end of a relationship in “Bottle of Wine,” or the end of life itself in “Appropriate Behavior.” Then again, some may be considered superficial endings, such as in “The Woman With the Longest Hair,” where a haircut is significant only to the characters involved. In the face of such endings, Garnett’s characters must decide whether they will be ruled by them, or whether, in spite of the ephemeral nature of all things, they will swarm to glory.

“The stories in Swarm to Glory are often suspenseful, always beautifully written, subtle, and witty. They are populated by unique characters who at the same time managed to remind me of people I know. Garnett Kilberg Cohen shows us the world we inhabit with startling clarity, beauty, and memorable strangeness. This collection is the work of a very gifted writer at the apex of her lyrical and psychological powers.”
— Christine Sneed, author of Little Known Facts.

“Reading a Garnett Kilberg Cohen story is like chatting across a small table with a voluble, smart, sly, warm-hearted friend. A wicked strain of humor fortifies the often vulnerable protagonists, rendering them formidable as well as dear. What they do and what they think is unpredictable and illuminating. Kilberg Cohen’s third book of stories, it is a delight.”
— Sharon Solwitz, author of Bloody Mary, and Blood and Milk.

Swarming to Glory by Garnett Kilberg Cohen
Publication: September 5, 2014
Wiseblood Books, c/o Joshua Hren, Editor-in-Chief
P.O. Box 11612, Milwaukee, WI 53211-0612

ISBN-13: 978-0615968483
Available: wisebloodbooks.com

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