Spring 2018

Editors: Vern Miller and Joan Murray

Ariana Nadia Nash and William Olsen discuss the influences on a poet and how these translate into poems.

Christine Sneed and Dan Libman discuss the influences on a novelist and some of the difficulties a writer faces in the publishing world.

Pulitzer Prize winner Tyehimba Jess’ book, OLIO, is reviewed by Brian Gilmore. Farah Marklevits reviews No Dictionary for a Living Tongue by Duriel E. Harris.

 Guest editor Joan Murray has chosen poems from well-known poets, whose work she solicited, and from poetry submissions sent to the magazine. Taken together, her selections offer our readers one of the best poetry experiences we have published over eleven years: Cornelius Eady, Diane Glancy, Ray Gonzalez, Nancy Eimers, Gerald Stern, and many others.

Notable and new writers share their prose: Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Anne Elliott, Stephen Dixon, Andrea Caswell, Gary Pedler, and more.

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