Call for Submissions to Our Special Issue Fall 2018 of Fifth Wednesday Journal

We are seeking poetry, fiction, and literary essays that reinforce the truth about the contributions to art and culture in this country by Mexicans and Americans of Mexican heritage to be published in a special issue of Fifth Wednesday Journal focused on writing by Mexican and Mexican-heritage writers living in the United States and in Mexico.

Ana Castillo has graciously agreed to serve as co-editor for this special issue to be published in fall 2018.

We believe that immigration has always contributed to the prosperity and cultural strength of this nation – immigration from a great many countries enriching the meaning and experience of democracy, diversity, and freedom. Mexican people have always been a major part of this pattern of beneficial immigration. I am convinced that keeping the DACA youth in our country as citizens will continue and enhance a long tradition. We want to focus on the many benefits of immigration rather than the many false arguments of the detractors.

Ana and I are looking for literature – not political rants and lectures – poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We are also looking for quality photography that will complement the written word. We are asking you to contribute your own work and to help us solicit other established writers. New voices are also welcome, as are the voices of other Latina/o writers whose literary work reflects the history of immigration in this country.

We are looking for an established writer of fiction with a recent book (novel or collection of short stories) who will agree to an interview in our Taking the Fifth feature. We will also do book reviews of recently published books of poetry, fiction, or essays. We appreciate any recommendations of authors and books for these reviews.

I will answer your questions anytime.

Contributions may be sent to:
or through our online submissions manager

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