Old Heart

A novel by Peter Ferry
Coming from Unbridled in June 2015

old-heartPeter Ferry’s new novel is a wonderfully assured and provocative follow-up to Travel Writing. Old Heart manages to weave together an astonishing array of themes and layers — the perils and freedoms of old age, the complexity of family ties, the liberation of travel, and finally, Ferry presents and proves the bold and needed idea that it’s never too late to re-open the past to recast the present. This is a page-turning book of ideas that has the power to change lives.
Dave Eggers

The pair of epigraphs in Ferry’s novel promise readers a very special book, and the beautifully knowing prose that follows lives up to that pledge. Tom Johnson’s bold, unshakable determination to truly begin his life even though it is nearing an end makes him an unforgettable—and uniquely honorable—kind of hero.  An important meditation on mortality and an honest, unsentimental celebration of the power of love, Old Heart has the feel of an instant literary classic.
Don De Grazia

There is no old heart in this novel. Inside 85-year-old Tom Johnson is the person he’s always been, with a fighting spirit and a crafty plan to escape. Peter Ferry’s writing is wry and beautiful, and this exuberant novel shows how a man driven by love can add a surprising extra chapter to his life.
Elizabeth McKenzie

In this stand-out novel … Ferry’s superb writing—including a deft treatment of a story within a story — allow[s] all to mesh seamlessly, resulting in a life-affirming novel about love and second chances; the rights, integrity, and freedom of the elderly; and the toll of mistakes and disappointments.
Publishers Weekly

Old Heart by Peter Ferry
Publisher: Unbridled Books
Publication Date: June, 2015
256 pages. Price $16.00 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60953-117-1
Available: IndieBound  and  Amazon.com

Peter Ferry is the author of the 2008 novel Travel Writing. His stories have appeared in McSweeneys, Fiction, StoryQuarterly, OR, and Chicago Quarterly Review. He is the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Award for Short Fiction and is a frequent contributor to the travel pages of The Chicago Tribune and WorldHum.com.

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