Married but Looking

by Daniel S. Libman

married-but-lookingPushchart Prize-winner Libman’s debut collection establishes him as a talented and original new voice in contemporary fiction. Many stories provide a glimpse into the minds of characters contemplating adultery. In the title story, a married couple travels to Paris where the wife proceeds to send romantic Facebook messages to a former boyfriend, while the husband patronizes a sex club, only to become too racked with guilt to act on his desires. In “Best Man,” the protagonist, Boze, attends an out of state wedding without his wife and lusts after another woman. Libman manages to make Boze sympathetic, despite his lechery. In “In the Belly of the Cat,” the elderly main character, Mr. Christopher, calls up a prostitute with the plan to cook a fancy meal with recipes he found in the newspaper’s food section. However, she only has an hour before her pimp will interrupt them, so Mr. Christopher must rush through the evening. With these skillful examinations of the human condition, Libman will surely have a long career.
Publishers Weekly, reviewed on: 10/24/2011

Daniel Libman writes like no one else: quick, funny, touching, serious, sometimes surreal, with a distinctive colloquial voice, slightly odd characters, spot-on dialog and off-beat original situations.
— Stephen Dixon, author of Frog and What is All This

Dan Libman is equally dexterous rendering a fictional world in realism or in fabulism, and likewise adroit — to a reader’s satisfying astonishment — in blurring the two seamlessly together, with the understated ironic perspective of a Coen Brothers film.
— Cris Mazza, author of Is It Sexual Harassment Yet?

From the book jacket:
Unabashedly funny — at turns dirty, revolting, tender and sarcastic — Daniel S. Libman’s stories bring us a new style that is part inner dialogue, part comic monologue — Grace Paley meets Charles Bukowski.

Married But Looking by Daniel S. Libman
Paper. 222 pages $16.95
ISBN 978-1-60489-079-2
Published by Livingston Press

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