Cracking Geodes Open

Poems by Sherry O’Keefe

cracking-geodesIn Cracking Geodes Open, Sherry O’Keefe crystallizes moments of experience and memory gathered or chiseled from relationships. Her finds range from the mountains and plains of Montana, to the farms and villages of Ireland, and the streets of Manhattan. With a deft use of direct narrative and spare lyrical forms, O’Keefe turns over each stone, examining its weathered face, finding its one true seam. Once inside, we get a strong sense of place, a feeling of being at home in the world, among friends. These crystalline poems reminded me that, ultimately, we are part of a larger, more complex formation of relationships, a constellation of old and new friends, loves, acquaintances, and close or distant relations, some of whom we have not yet met.

Scot Siegel, Untitled Country Review

Cracking Geodes Open is an invitation to Montana — its people, rivers, street corners, and remote diners. This is poetry of the place rather than about the place, filled with astute observations and wisdom undercut with quirky details. Engaging, witty, and wise, this is a book that lets the world in. It takes the reader by the hand as confidant, whispering, here, join me…. See what I see….
— Rose Hunter, Editor of YB Journal

Cracking Geodes Open by Sherry O’Keefe

Aldrich Press
Publication Date: August 3, 2012
Price: $14.00
Paperback, 78 pages.
ISBN 978-0615665894

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