Continuous Showings

by Michael Anania

 “He makes melody and sentence and sight his three primary colors, and he names them in his poems while simultaneously using them to mark the sharp edge — the precise and delicate edge — of his seeing and sentencing. He evokes the jazz and classical masters (and all else) with the melody of his sentences dropping down the page through the clean-edged lines of the poem. With grace he evokes the everyday lived reality of early and mid-twentieth-century years — his Omaha family, rough times, and gangsters, classic American films.”

— Reginald Gibbons


“Devoted and elegant in his attempt to find meaningful richness in life, the poems in Michael Anania’s new collection, Continuous Showings, imaginatively unfold as a series of continuously playing movies that someone, sometimes himself, will see. Meditative narrative projects Anania’s world — as film, as painting. He seems to rove everywhere, cover everything. The poems leave one having seen, felt, discovered so much. Very beautiful.”

— Diane Wakoski


“Anania’s precursors include Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams and Charles Olson. Like Robert Creeley, the poet he most resembles, he is interested primarily in the articulation of consciousness . . . One admires the mind at work in his poems.”

— The New York Times Book Review


“It is hard to think of a contemporary poet who demands more of his own work than Michael Anania. What stands out is the scope and complexity of what is attempted and the grace with which Anania is able to accomplish it.”

— Booklist


Publisher: MadHat Press
Pub Date: January, 2017
138 pages. $21.95 paperback
ISBN: 978-1941196441
Available: and many fine indie booksellers, just ask for the book.

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