Come Clearing

come-clearingPoems by Jackie K. White

White’s poems oscillate between wildness and domesticity, damage and healing, the body’s presence and its absence. Ultimately her poems negotiate the concept of transformation both psychically and formally, specifically in her use of the cento form to reshape the sinews of the poem. As evident in her body centos, she weaves pre-existing fragments together to create a holistic language tapestry that is concurrently collaborative and her own — a contemporary remix that underscores both the fragmentation of the female body and its ultimate resurrection; or, as she so aptly states, a body ”unfurrowed,  unborrowed, entero, whole.”
— Simone Muench, author of The Air Lost in Breathing, Lampblack & Ash, and Orange Crush

I once said I feel Jackie White’s poems in my throat, a clenching in my stomach. With Come Clearing she brings us fully the body, the female experience as it exists in body: the membrane, bleeding, sweat; the swallow, ravage, wail; hardships and transitions and the voice needing to speak. White’s images are fresh, exact, and startling, and weave through with an archetypal feeling, exposing the myth of a woman caught in body. Yet, always, her poems carry a sense of turning — in a final image or the way a line hangs, we feel on the verge of something, a sense that, with one more rhythmic step, we’ll break free. Cleverly executed yet visceral in effect, Come Clearing is a powerful collection.

— Patricia Esposito, author of Beside the Darker Shore

Come Clearing by Jackie K. White

Dancing Girl Press
Publication: August 2012
Price: $7.00 (plus shipping)

This book can be purchased at:

Jackie K White is the author of two previous chapbooks, Petal-Tearing and Variations and Bestiary Charming. She teaches at Lewis University.

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