Opportunities with FWJ

Fifth Wednesday Journal, an independent print literary magazine distributed nationally for ten years. We publish more than 200 pages twice a year. We have published more than 650 writers and photographers, many of whom are established on the national and international scene. We are interested in talking with you if you think you would like to join our team. Do you feel you have the skills, time, and energy to contribute to a literary organization with a future? Contact us at editors@fifthwednesdayjournal.org and put “Opportunities at FWJ” in the subject line. Include in the body of the message your name, address, a valid email address, and the position that interests you. Attach a current resume. We’ll be in touch with you.

These positions, like all editorial positions at Fifth Wednesday Journal, are volunteer situations. We invite new staff to join a small group of experienced editors, all of whom have published their own work, and all of whom contribute their talent and dedication to Fifth Wednesday Journal because they love literature and understand the role of small magazines in the development and maturation of literary talent in our culture.


[1] Layout and design editor:

The layout and design editor is responsible for producing all 200+ interior pages and possibly the cover of a twice-yearly, nationally distributed literary and arts magazine.

Required skills include:

— proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop
— familiarity with common filetypes, such as pdfs and jpegs, and the RGB and CMYK colorspaces
— zealous attention to detail
— ability to communicate and collaborate with other editors online in a professional and cordial manner
— an abiding love of design and the written word


[2] Media and Blog editor:

The media and blog editor is responsible for managing all information about a nationally distributed literary magazine on electronic communications media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and for designing, promoting, and managing a blog site for the magazine and its contributors.

Required skills:

— experience and proficiency with use of the media portals to promote a nationally distributed literary magazine
— familiarity with the various social media sites
— ability to write effective text for various purposes promoting the magazine
— availability to spend a short time very frequently to keep the postings current
— ability to work with others in a cordial and professional manner
— an abiding love of literature


[3] Managing editor:

The managing editor works closely with the publisher/editor of Fifth Wednesday Journal to meet all the needs of the magazine as they arise.

Required skills:

— familiarity with the many steps involved in assembly, managing, and production of a 200+ page nationally distributed literary magazine
— creative and innovative ideas for the growth and development of a print literary magazine in the environment of the 21st century
— experience writing funding proposals for granting agencies, as well as individual donors
— experience working with other editors and contributors in an collegial environment
— experience proofreading and editing literary texts
— commitment and a professional attitude to the success of the magazine
— an abiding love of literature at all levels