Hi Fifth Wednesdayarians:

I just sat down with Ana Castillo, who will be our third author in our Taking the Fifth series. She joins the ranks of Stephen Dixon and Elizabeth Strout, whose interview is going to be pub’d in the upcoming issue of Fifth Wednesday, set to drop in November.

For me this is the best part of working on these interviews. Sure it’s fun to the research, to submerge yourself in an artist’s entire oeuvre, taking notes and shaping questions. It’s also fun to do the actual interview, to sit across from someone you admire and have a conversation, though there is some anxiety that goes along with that — I think to a certain to degree for both parties. But then comes the work: transcribing several hours of conversation, then molding that conversation ever so slightly — trimming the edges off answers, rearranging the questions slightly, turning the verbal into print, and having it become — hopefully — useful and literary at the same time. All that begins this morning, just after I finish typing this paragraph and refilling my coffee cup.

See you at the other end.

Daniel S. Libman

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